“All is calm, all is bright,” is the cat owners mantra throughout the holiday season – at least while the Christmas tree is up! Funny (or not!) how most felines assume that the Christmas tree has been put in the house just for their recreation & entertainment.
After all, it is a TREE, which cats are known to climb given the opportunity to do so, and, look at all of the shiny & bright cat toys hanging all over it! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!
Well, there is a product called the Christmas Tree Defender that will deter Tiger from climbing up the tree from underneath – thank goodness! And, please use unbreakable balls & such as broken glass can be deadly for your cat. Also, be careful with the strings of Christmas lights and pray that Mittens doesn’t decide to bite into the wire thinking it is the string for a cat toy. Other than all of that…

Have a safe & Merry Christmas with your furry ones!

Oh, and check out the Christmas Cat Stuff Store for all of the cute Christmas cat decor for outside & inside your home. And, for gifts for your precious kitties, go to Christmas for Pets. Thank you very much for your support that helps me feed and spay & neuter my 20 or so rescued cats.

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