Why Cats?

Cats are territorial in nature, however, domesticated cats handle this differently than cats in the wild. Here are the reasons why your cat very well may be territorial.

The first reason your cat may challenge an unfamiliar cat is to protect it’s food and living area from intruders. A domesticated cat normally has plenty of food and a secure place to live, so there is no need to be territorial, but they often revert to their wild, instinctive nature.

The second reason why cats are territorial is because in the wild they will be vying for the attention of a female in heat. This situation is eliminated, in most cases, as the domesticated household cat has been neutered and a desire to be territorial for this reason is no longer present. Continue reading

Cats – The Perfect Companion?“You will always be lucky if you know how to make friends with strange cats.” – Colonial proverb

Fancy having a cat at home? It will depend on you throughout its life – around 15 years with proper care – so properly budget for visits to the vets and other costs before making a decision to get a cat.

You have to budget for cat food, cat litter and scoops and other accessories to make the cat’s life comfortable in your home.

Kitten or adult? A difficult choice since the kitten of today is going to be a member of your household for a long time. Perhaps it is better to get an adult cat since it has already developed a personality and you will know what you are getting. Continue reading

Why Cats MisbehaveAccording to folklore, cats have been favorite pets since ancient Egyptians created a catlike, folklore god, Atum-Ra. At times cats were treated like members of the Egyptian royal family and have been used for temple guards. Many cat lovers believe cats still have the “Guardian of the Temple” attitude.

Cats can be trained to be happy members of your family, but you will have to learn how cats think and what governs their behavior.

First off, you have to abandon the practices you used when training your dog. The same training techniques will not work on a cat. Continue reading

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