Cats can get constipated too, and this can happen for a few reasons.

If there is not enough moisture in their food, or they aren’t drinking enough water throughout the day and night, then they can get slightly dehydrated which can result in them getting constipated.

Constipation can be very painful for a cat and it can result in the cat lying on the ground in pain panting and yelling for something to be done.

The best solution obviously is to ensure that your cat is getting the correct food, with enough moisture, and a good supply of fresh water is available all the time to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Also if the cat has been lying about for hours on end and not getting any exercise then this can also cause constipation.

When possible, you should try to take your cat for a walk each day about the property to make sure that all its systems are working correctly and in doing so help its bowels to move on a regular basis and stop it from becoming constipated.

Old cats sometimes need a bit of help as their bowels aren’t as efficient as they get older and one product that is excellent for this is Lactulose.

Lactulose will not raise the cats blood sugar levels so there is no concern there, particularly for cats that do have diabetes, and giving it a small amount on a regular basis, probably every second day, will help to keep your cat regular and reduce the possibility of constipation.

If you do decide to use Lactulose, test with a small amount to see what reaction you have with your cat until you get the desired results and then try to keep using that amount regularly.

Eating the wrong types of foods can also cause constipation for your cat so it is always necessary to feed the right food and not let your cat eat dog food or other types of foods that can cause problems.

Exercise, water, and good nutrition, will generally eliminate the problem.