Even though it’s not Halloween yet, please continue to keep a close eye on your ebony & all colored cats – for that matter. I have come to find out the hard way that there are evil people who seek out homes with cats in the yard, and then come back later to “catnap” any they can get their grimey hands (or hooks or nets or whatever they use) on. This has evidently been happening to me for years and I was just recently alerted to this by a guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.

On July 27th of 2017, the guest (whose name I can’t remember right now) said that that very night was one of the Satanist ritual nights, and that they send people out two nights before to gather cats for sacrifice. Lo, and behold, on that very evening at dusk (the 25th), I had two beautiful calicoes stolen from my yard – Mary Jane, who was almost ten years old, and Baby, who was only two years old and who was my best friend and sleeping buddy under the covers. I miss them both so much!

Now that I have become aware of this phenomenon and of the Satanist ritual dates, beware to anyone who ventures into my yard with the intent on harming and/or stealing any of my cats!

UPDATE 2018 – This July, I was concerned (more than than usual) for the safety of my cats as I have had to literally run-off people two times this year who were trying to bait my cats from the roadside. Evidently, they would place food several feet from the road in the bushes to lure an unsuspecting feline to the area. I always try to get all my cats inside before dark (usually by herding them with the can opener), however, there are a couple of them that are difficult to keep inside all night.

On the evening of July 23rd, I let my Mattie Bell (another beautiful calico) outside after supper with the intent of getting her back in later. But, she was never seen again. The “catnappings” seem to happen around dusk. I could kick myself in the ass for letting her out. I should have known better even if it was two days earlier than the previous thefts!

Also, for the past couple of weeks or so, I have seen several “Lost Cat” flyers around the area when I very rarely see any. A couple of years ago, I would see a lot of “Lost Dog” flyers and someone told me that people were stealing dogs and selling them – for whatever purpose, I’m not sure, but one reason given was that they were being used to train fighting dogs. Yuk!

These evil people need to remember that “What goes around, comes around.”! Next year, I hope to be living in a different, more secluded place, but I will still be cautious. Again, your support will help get moved to a better place and I thank you for that.

UPDATE 2021 – I am glad to report that for the last couple of years I haven’t lost any of my kitties in July or around Halloween. I have been very vigilant in keeping them inside at those times and keeping an eye out for suspicious activity around my property. Actually, I try to watch over them as much as possible all of the time!

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