Cat Care

Cats can get constipated too, and this can happen for a few reasons.

If there is not enough moisture in their food, or they aren’t drinking enough water throughout the day and night, then they can get slightly dehydrated which can result in them getting constipated.

Constipation can be very painful for a cat and it can result in the cat lying on the ground in pain panting and yelling for something to be done.

The best solution obviously is to ensure that your cat is getting the correct food, with enough moisture, and a good supply of fresh water is available all the time to ensure this doesn’t happen. Continue reading

Homeopathic medicine seeks to heal the entire being of the patient. In the case of homeopathy for cats, this means the animal’s mental and emotional health are addressed in addition to relief from symptoms.

Homeopathy is based on the “Law of Similars,” or “like cures like.” A substance that causes a symptom is diluted down and given to a patient experiencing similar symptoms. For example, a plant called lobelia causes vomiting and profuse sweating if it is eaten. But minute amounts of lobelia in a homeopathic medicine may be given as a remedy for a patient experiencing vomiting and excessive sweating. Continue reading

Owing a pet cat is a lot like having a child. They need you to care for them and yet they try to assert their independence. It can be frustrating. When taking care of your feline friend, be aware there are some foods that can be dangerous for them.

Pet owners around the country spend billions of dollars each year to feed our pets. But what do cats and dogs alike do? They sit nearby begging for what you’re eating; some will be even more aggressive by getting up into your face to share. There are some human foods, however, which are harmful to your cat and should never be given to them. Continue reading

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