Cat Care

Managing Chronic Diseases in CatsMany people think of their pets as family members. When their pet gets sick they can feel just as helpless as if the illness is in a human family member. Managing chronic diseases in cats can be time-consuming and emotionally draining, but these ideas may help you help your feline friend.

No one wants to think about their pet becoming chronically ill. However, if you notice your cat isn’t acting quite like itself, you’ll want to get it in to see a veterinarian as soon as you can. Early diagnosis of a chronic illness is vital to enable your pet to have any type of quality of life. Continue reading

To Declaw or Not to DeclawOne of the issues of cat ownership is whether you should declaw your cat. Many will tell you it’s a cruel and unusual punishment. There just might be a reason to declaw a cat, though. But before you make that choice, here’s some information about declawing.

What is the Procedure Like to Declaw a Cat?

Basically what happens when you declaw a cat is the entire claw is removed, along with a piece of the bone. If you don’t remove the bone too, then the claw will try to grow back. There are a few different procedures which are done, but the best way to do it is to remove as little bone as possible when declawing a cat. Continue reading

Cat Carriers for SafetyWhile some people may consider it cruel to cage up your cat it’s actually a matter of safety for both you and your cat. For example if you were driving and your cat suddenly jumped on to you, or it got trapped underneath your feet and the brake this could cause a serious accident.

Pets can sometimes be unpredictable and for reasons like those mentioned above and more it is always safer to use a cat carrier when transporting your cat to another destination such as the vet.

When choosing a cat carrier you will find there are hundreds of different ones on the market to choose from. Pick one that is suitable for both you and your cat and remember you will need a place to store it when it is not in use. Continue reading

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